April 14, 2016

Becoming A Breast Milk Donor

I've always been very blessed with a high breast milk production. I realize how lucky I am, believe me I do. I'm not trying to brag or slight those mothers that struggle with this. I can only imagine how frustrating and disheartening it is to struggle with that.

While I was pregnant and expecting Aiden to not survive, I made the decision that I would pump and donate breast milk in his name. Fast forward to our very happy outcome, and that obviously hasn't happened.

But my body over produces like it's going out of style. My freezer at the NICU is full, my freezer space at the Ronald McDonald house is full, our freezer back home is filling up, and I even have several bags sitting in my mother-in-law's freezer. I feel like I'm up to my eye balls in mommy's milk.

I recently overheard a mom in our NICU pod expressing to her nurse how discouraged she was with pumping. Her supply was dwindling and she has tried everything. I could hear the heartache in her voice as she said she felt it was so important to give her little guy breast milk but didn't know what else she could do.

I wanted so badly to pull her aside and give her the few bags I had pumped and sitting in my purse that day.

The nurse started to talk to her about getting donated breast milk, and she seemed so happy and relieved to have that option.

This made me realize I can still donate breast milk in Aiden's name. Only rather then doing it in his memory, it will be in celebration of his life! So I'm now officially in the process of donating breast milk. It's quite a process as well! I've had to fill out an extensive application, have a phone interview, and now I'm waiting to go in so that they can do blood work on me.

I hope my very fortunate situation can help a mother in need. And I know it'll be very theraputic for me as well in this situation.


  1. That is so awesome...I was the same way I produced way to much

  2. This is so wonderful!