March 27, 2016

The Best Easter Present

Happy Easter!

We spent the morning with the girls checking out what the Easter Bunny brought them. They were worried the Easter Bunny wouldn't know we are staying at the Ronald McDonald House (or old McDonald house as the girls call it), so they were very relieved to wake up and find out he found us.

I was very humbled to enter the cafeteria and find a family serving breakfast for everyone. What a sweet sacrifice and selfless gesture to be here on Easter morning. The mood in this house can feel very heavy at times. But today everyone seemed a little more cheerful and I loved observing the kids around us excitedly eating their french toast and gathering the Easter eggs they hid around the house. It felt as if everyone here had a breath of fresh air.

When David and I got to the hospital, we had a nice Easter present ourselves! Aiden was wide awake and spent a fair amount of time looking at us and reaching out to us. And when he could no longer keep his eyes open, he still wiggled as we talked to him. This will be the 3rd time he's been awake enough to interact with us, and I can't adequately tell you how much I look forward to these small moments with him.

We were also shocked at how tiny he looked! He pulled out another set of huge diapers and his swelling has gone down significantly. You can actually see the outline of his skull! His decreased puffiness and mere 13 inches in length is making him look more and more like a tiny, little doll. This mom may or may not be a little obsessed with it.

He's been such a rock star the past few days. We haven't had any episodes of D-sating, and he has kept his stats steady. His medical team gave him some restful days and he definitely needed them.

We are being realistic. We know that he is going to have some really good days, then he'll have a rough day, and will need to climb back up again. At this rate we are hoping by next week he'll be ready for the extensive xrays needed for his genetic testing. We are feeling the most anxious for that to happen so that we can begin to prepare for him.

Today I'm feeling especially grateful for my Savior and his atonement. I'm grateful that my family is eternal. And I'm very thankful that my little boy is here with us. I found out recently that while I was in my c-section, the nurses had my parents and mother in law calling funeral homes. My testimony of eternal families was the last thread I had to hold on to during those very dark times. And while I'm relieved I could move on and hold on to a different hope, I'm glad I had that knowledge to hold on to. It strengthened my testimony and showed me just how important having an eternal family is. If it weren't for our Savior dying for us, I wouldn't have had that last glimmer of light to hold on to. This will be an Easter I will always remember.


  1. I love reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your testimony on this Easter Sunday. We truly have much to be thankful for. You have strength and courage beyond measure. I love you more than you can imagine, except that I know you love your babies as much as I love you!

  2. Your words will be an inspiration to many others that will have similar experiences. You are a beautiful woman inside and out, and a wonderful mom. Your family will have you forever, and you will be a pillar of love and wisdom to your girls and little Aiden! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a good cry I get every time I read these posts. He is beautiful. I was not familiar with the Ronald McDonald houses until my friend had a very sick child. Saturday when we went to our McDonalds, we put in the donation box every coin I had. Now I know first hand what they do for others, Saturday I wish I had a million dollars to put in there! Why are they not doing the x-rays yet? I have in mind another mom one day trying to read your blog and looking for answers...I did that so many times. Thanks for sharing your story, you are an inspiration. I always think of you guys and how fun you are, how strong, creative, a role model...these days I have no words to describe what I feel and think about are the best, the best of the best that God could give Aiden. We love you