March 29, 2016

Doctor Dolls: More Presents From Aiden

We are so blessed and lucky to have Aiden at Primary Children's Hospital. Their Sibling Support program is one of the best things we've experienced.

The girls got another gift from their brother. This time he gave them a little patient doll wearing a hospital gown. Included with the doll is a doctor kit with some of the items they use to take care of Aiden.

He also sent his sisters a letter that tells them he loves and misses them. 

The girls loved it and totally believed Aiden sent them the letter. And they love taking care of their baby that's sick in the hospital. 

These little gifts have really helped them cope with the stressful situation we are in. It has added a fun element to having their baby brother in the NICU. And it seems to really help them realize there is indeed a baby that came out of mom's tummy.

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