March 23, 2016

Aiden's Birth: Dad's Story

Corissa woke me up at 3 in the morning with some intense contractions. I panicked and started packing as best as possible.

The whole time we were driving to the hospital I had the feeling that this was it. I stayed hopeful that triage would be able to stop the progression and send us home, giving us another couple of weeks before Aiden would be born.

When we got to triage we went through all the procedures and it became more and more apparent that we weren’t going home. Being told for the last 3 and half months that my child very likely has achondrogenesis was draining. Trying to keep my wife’s spirits high while I was dying inside was not easy. I spent a lot of time crying on my way to and from work. I pleaded with God to take care of Corissa and Aiden, and asked that when we went to the next appointment that the news would be better. But it never was.

When Dr. Richards came in and did an ultra sound to see the position that Aiden was in, he decided to throw his hat in the ring and also placed the diagnosis of doom on my boy. Right after he left to prepare for the C section and left us there with that final tone of negativity. 

We had a good 20-30 minutes to contemplate what news we just received and I lost it. All 3 months of praying and pleading that my son would live felt like they had been wasted. I became so angry at God, at the doctors, and at myself. I felt hopeless. To see Corissa hurting so much and not being able to do anything about it was the worst feeling I had ever felt.

Corissa and I were told that the preparations had been made and we started the walk to the O.R. The feeling of sorrow and sadness that swept my body was unlike anything that I had ever felt. Before we went into the OR, Corissa looked at me and said “I’m not ready for this”. I looked at her and tried to give her a smile as I held her hand firmly.

After she had been prepped for the Csection, I made the final preparations with the NICU and made sure that everything was ready to go. 

 The operation started and the emotions set in. The pleading began. I asked and begged that the pain be mine and not his. That he would be ok and that if he wasn’t that he would not feel anything and that he wouldn’t be scared. 

And suddenly there was a face peeking over the curtain. There was my beautiful boy, and there was the crushing reality that things were not ok. He looked so bad that I told the doctor to hand him off to NICU and not let Corissa see him.

I ran through the halls in a panic with a nurse to get to him in the NICU. When I arrived I saw (from what I remember) 3 respitory therapists, 6 nurses, 2 charge nurses,  2 neonatologists, and  2 pharmacists. Every one quiet and watching the monitors.

The next 5 minutes of my life were the longest that I think I will ever live. My son was purple, swollen, and like he was about to confirm my biggest fear. I approached his bed and said “Aiden, I’m here”. His heart rate then entered the 100’s. Again I said, “Aiden, I’m here”, but nothing else happened. 

Suddenly without thinking, I pulled out Corissa’s cell phone and played a video of Lydia and Melodie playing. Lydia’s voice was the first one on there and she is giggling, followed by Melodie saying something to Lydia. At the sound of Melodie’s voice, Aiden took a breath and let out a weak cry. Melodie then said on the video “She is making me laugh!” and starts to laugh herself along with Lydia. Aiden moved his arms and legs. At this point he has someone giving him air and his color began to return. 

My son is alive and fighting. 

5 minutes into his short life on earth he is being intubated and everyone is confused and surprised, but he is alive! I ran to the window separating Corissa's operating room from the NICU and announced “Babe! He is stable! He is stable!” and I ran back to Aiden. 

Feeling dizzy, the nurse made me take a seat. As I sat I asked myself how this could be and started to thank Heavenly Father for being there and for the amazing crew of doctors there with Aiden. 

He has a hard road ahead of him and there will be lots of bumps to over come, but he is here and fighting and I will be right beside him.

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  1. Ohh this made me cry. What a sweet baby. So glad he is here and fighting. We are praying for you all.

  2. I love you guys. My heart aches for you.

  3. David, you are an incredible father!
    love you guys.
    all my faith and prayers!